Clayton Morris Scam Hypercharge Down 89.78% Since NIA's Warning

On April 8th, NIA sent out an alert entitled, 'Hypercharge Will Crash on Tuesday' saying that, "If you are somebody who got tricked by former Fox News morning show host Clayton Morris (who fled to Portugal after stealing millions from investors in a Real Estate ponzi scheme) into buying Hypercharge stock in recent days due to his viral videos on YouTube and TikTok claiming that Hypercharge has signed massive contracts with Ramada Hotels and Hyatt Hotels (it's all a lie) you need to sell your Hypercharge stock first thing on Monday."

Hypercharge (HCNWF) peaked on Monday, April 10th at $4.50 per share and began to crash on Tuesday, April 11th. Today, HCNWF is trading for $0.46 per share.

Clayton Morris scammed people into losing 89.78% of their money in 3 months and soon HCNWF will be trading for zero.

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