The Chinese Are Much Smarter than Americans

It's sad to say but the Chinese are much smarter than Americans.

While the average American has been brainwashed by Michael Saylor and parked their entire 401k and IRA into MicroStrategy (MSTR) even as he dumps shares every single day before the halving and laughs at how stupid people are for believing his BS...

Chinese investors have been loading up on their largest mining company Zijin Mining sending its shares to new all-time highs at a time when the rest of the Shanghai Composite isn't doing so great.

Recently, Zijin made a huge investment into the Augusta Group's copper company Solaris Resources (TSX: SLS). What will happen to Augusta Gold (TSX: G) if/when Zijin finishes acquiring all of SLS?

It is obvious to us that G will catch up to the market cap of SLS very soon.

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