Celtic (CLTFF) Adidas Deal Earned €34M in 2023

Celtic (CLTFF) earned a massive €34 million from their Adidas deal in 2023.

For the first time ever, Celtic (CLTFF) for 2023 broke into the top 20 best-selling European football kits.

Only 6 of 20 English Premier League football clubs made it into the top 20: Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Manchester City. According to Forbes, these six clubs are worth an average of $4.325 billion!

Celtic (CLTFF) at its current market cap is worth only $175 million.

Celtic (CLTFF) is about to become one of NIA's largest percentage gainers of all-time!

Here is the full list below:

1. Barcelona (Nike) - €179m
2. Real Madrid (Adidas) - €155m
3. Bayern Munich (Adidas) - €147m
4. Liverpool (Nike) - €132m
5. Manchester United (Adidas) - €130m
6. Paris Saint-Germain (Nike) - €97m
7. Arsenal (Adidas) - €89m
8. Chelsea (Nike) - €87m
9. Juventus (Adidas) - €74m
10. Tottenham (Nike) - €74m
11. Manchester City (Puma) - €73m
12. Borussia Dortmund (Puma) - €54m
13. AC Milan (Puma) - €47m
14. Ajax (Adidas) - €41m
15. Galatasaray (Nike) - €35m
16. Leeds United (Adidas) - €35m
17. Celtic (Adidas) - €34m
18. Fenerbahçe (Puma) - €31m
19. Eintracht Frankfurt (Nike) - €26m
20. Inter Milan (Nike) - €26m

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