Celtic (CLTFF) Trades Record Volume Ahead of July 2024 USA Tour

Perhaps the main reason Celtic plc (CLTFF) is so undervalued and trades such low volume is due to the fact that it is the world's #1 best run publicly traded sports franchise. Unlike all other publicly traded sports franchises that are consistently going back to the market for new equity and/or debt offerings to raise additional capital, Celtic plc (CLTFF) hasn't conducted any equity offerings since 2006. When a company doesn't sell any new shares to the public in 18 years, investment banking firms have no reason to provide bullish analyst coverage of the company.

Some people believe we are ignoring Juventus Football Club S.p.A. (JUVE.MI) because it only trades with an enterprise value/revenue ratio of 2.57, which would only value CLTFF at $5.25 per share.

The truth is, Juventus Football Club S.p.A. (JUVE.MI) had to raise $329.59 million in 2020 and raise another $444.15 million in 2022, which caused its shares outstanding to be diluted by 85.17% in the last five years. CLTFF shares outstanding have increased by only 0.44% in five years as the company simultaneously cut its debt by -98.24% and increased its cash by 98.72%!

CLTFF has been public for 20+ years, yet its trading volume yesterday of 25,789 shares was its #1 highest volume day in history and 65X its trailing twelve-month average daily volume!

When NIA suggested Droneshield (ASX: DRO) on April 3, 2022, at $0.20 per share, its U.S. OTC symbol DRSHF traded its highest weekly volume in history of 745,770 shares. In recent months, DRSHF has become much more liquid than before and so will CLTFF!

We are one month away from Celtic FC's first USA Tour in 12 years!

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