Celsius Pauses Withdrawals, Crypto's Largest Ponzi Implodes!

For many months, NIA has been saying to sell Voyager Digital (TSX: VOYG) short because we found out firsthand from the CEO that they loaned a ton of customer funds to Celsius Network in a desperate attempt to generate yield so that they could pay out their rewards program. We have been telling you nonstop for months that Celsius Network is a Ponzi scheme that would soon collapse. We warned you to take your money out of Voyager if you had an account there... and we explained that Celsius was most likely already insolvent but covering it up. This evening, Celsius has paused all withdrawals from their accounts. They are rekt. This is game over for the Crypto industry. It will never recover from this. Do NOT ever buy back into Crypto on any dips!

The death of Celsius will lead to the collapse of Tether. Both Celsius and Tether are interconnected in many ways. Luckily for NIA members, we have been actively warning you in every possible way to sell all Crypto assets for the last 14+ months. Even very smart people who we previously had respect for like Lyn Alden have actually been defending Tether.

We have no explanation for it! Our only guess is that they get most of their social media engagement from "Crypto enthusiasts". This causes them to be afraid to tell the truth about Tether and its role in manipulating the Crypto market and artificially inflating the value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins.

This is a very sad situation. We are not bragging about being right. Many Generation Z investors will commit suicide over the loss of their imaginary Crypto money. Do you understand now why we lost respect for Gary Vee despite him being one of the closest friends of NIA's President? It's sad that some people are so greedy that they would destroy their entire reputation that they built over decades just for an $80 million+ cash grab. While Gary was encouraging people to convert their dollars into Ethereum to buy his worthless illiquid wash traded scribbles, he was doing the opposite and liquidating his Ethereum for U.S. dollars. SAD!