Cathie Wood Inverse ETF Now Up 59.82% Since Launch

Two weeks ago, NIA sent out an alert about how the world's #1 best performing ETF since its launch on November 9, 2021, was Tuttle Capital Short Innovation ETF (SARK) with a gain of 37.58% in two months. Since NIA's alert two weeks ago at $41.19 per shareSARK has gained another 16.17% to a closing price this week of $47.85 per share, where it is now up by 59.82% since its November 9th launch at $29.94 per share.

SARK is an ETF that does the exact opposite of Cathie Wood. It is the inverse of ARKK.

Incredibly, RealVision Founder Raoul Pal picked SARK prior to its launch, but NOT as an ETF to buy... Raoul Pal suggested SARK as his #1 top way to lose 95% of your money! This is so insane to think about that nobody would ever believe it's true, but it's damn true... click here to see for yourself!

All Raoul Pal had to do is pick literally any $%*^coin shilled by RealVision and he would have won his RealVision contest!

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