British Media Successful Coup Against Boris Johnson

The U.K. Mainstream Media has successfully orchestrated a coup against U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The pitchforks were out for Boris Johnson ever since March 2020, when Boris spoke publicly about how COVID would only be eliminated once most of the population gets infected and builds up immunity to it. The British media went berserk knowing that if the U.K. achieved "herd immunity" causing their rebranded seasonal flu to quickly go away, it would destroy their plans to create a multi-year scamdemic that would allow their Big Pharma sponsors to profit tens of billions of dollars off of dangerous untested clot shots. It would also hurt their plans to help global central banks successfully create massive price inflation.

Historically, all global pandemics that resulted in millions of legitimate deaths around the world, have all ended as a result of natural herd immunity, without the use of any vaccines. Boris by pointing out this fact, forced the British media into panic mode where they began to publish stories such as an article in the Atlantic entitled, 'The U.K.’s Coronavirus Herd Immunity Debacle'. The media attacked Boris Johnson's refusal to implement a strategy that would "track and trace the contacts of every suspected case". They criticized his plan to only test people who were admitted to hospitals. The British media knew that for the scamdemic to work properly they needed the U.K. government to force as many U.K. citizens as possible into being tested for COVID using an artificially high PCR cycle threshold that would show everybody as positive even if they only had a common cold or any strain of the flu within the previous six months.

At some point, the British deep state threated to have Boris removed from office if he refused to cooperate with the scamdemic and "make up" for the damage he caused by speaking truthfully. Boris gave in to their threats and agreed to order strict lockdowns while forcing businesses to shutdown nationwide. Boris then went along with a media charade similar to Trump where he "tested positive" and was "hospitalized" allowing for 24 hours of hysterical media speculation about him being in the ICU and possibly on a ventilator.

Within weeks of his sudden recovery, Boris invited over 100 people to 10 Downing Street for "socially distanced drinks." Even though this gathering was held outdoors in the garden of 10 Downing Street, it took place at a time when "people were only allowed to meet one person from another household outdoors." At first, the media didn't report on Boris having this gathering because it would show how unconcerned everybody was about COVID. People would immediately realize the truth that Boris was forced to go along with his fake hospitalization.

Everything changed when Boris went to visit President Zelensky in Ukraine and inadvertently exposed how safe and peaceful it was in Kyiv. This was at a time when the mainstream media was reporting that Zelensky was "fighting on the front lines against Russia." It was one thing to put the scamdemic at risk thereby angering Big Pharma, but it's another thing to cause harm to the Military Industrial Complex. The mainstream media decided that Boris Johnson needed to go and has forced him to resign over nothing. His replacement will most likely put a stop to Brexit before it gets fully implemented and have the U.K. rejoin the E.U., which will end all hope for the U.K. economy!