Brexit Is Boom for Celtic plc (LSE: CCP) or CLTFF

Since Brexit in 2016, Celtic plc (LSE: CCP) or CLTFF has been profitable every single fiscal year except 2021 (due to scamdemic).

The English Premiere League has the most valuable football franchises in the world worth an average of $2.3 billion, but ever since Brexit was passed it has become more difficult for English Premiere League teams to buy players from other European countries. Previously, football clubs in England would buy most of their players from other EU countries. Today, there is no longer any advantage of buying players from EU countries vs. the rest of the world. Players require 15 points to qualify for the governing body endorsement (GBE) required for a work permit under the new rules.

In Scotland, Celtic plc (LSE: CCP) or CLTFF operates under a slightly different rule vs. the English Premiere League clubs to the south.

Celtic has access to an "Exceptions Panel" which allows them to buy players from outside of the UK that don't meet the 15 points to qualify for a work permit.

This allows Celtic to scoop up young talented international players at low transfer fees, develop them for a few years, and then sell them to English Premiere League clubs in the transfer market for a massive profit.

Celtic plc (LSE: CCP) or CLTFF as Scotland's superclub deserves a valuation of $1 billion+ and will have it very soon!

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