Boston Celtics Are Up for Sale

The Boston Celtics are up for sale and will undoubtedly sell for at least $5 billion or 11.29X revenue of $443 million.

Celtic plc (LSE: CCP) has revenue £128.53 million, which will grow significantly this year due to a huge increase in the 2024/2025 Champions League prize money.

In the event of a buyout, CCP has Convertible Preferred Ordinary and Convertible Cumulative Preference shares that would convert into ordinary shares increasing the shares outstanding to 136.8 million on a fully diluted basis.

A valuation of 11.29X revenue of £128.53 million would value Celtic plc (LSE: CCP) at £1.451 billion plus £67.33 million in cash = £1.518 billion or £11.10 per share on a fully diluted basis.

Celtic plc (LSE: CCP) has more championships than the Boston Celtics!

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