NIA's BLNK Puts Soaring as CORN Calls Expire!

NIA's Teucrium Corn Fund (CORN) January 15th $13 call option suggestion expired today! It hit a record high yesterday of $4 for a gain of 471.43% from NIA's August 25th suggestion at $0.70! NIA's President sold his remaining 87 contracts yesterday at $3.71 up 488.89% from his initial purchase price of $0.63!

Including the previous 650 contracts that he sold at an average price of $2 he successfully turned a $46,431 investment into $162,277 for a profit of $115,846 or 249.5%!

On January 11th, NIA announced its official brand new option suggestion the Blink Charging (BLNK) February 26th $50 put option at a price of $9.80!

BLNK declined by 10.49% today to close at $47.10 per share!

NIA's BLNK put option suggestion closed today at $11.55 for a gain of 17.86% since NIA's suggestion on Monday at $9.80!

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