BLM Meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, Development of Nevada's Largest New Gold District

On Wednesday at 5PM PDT and Thursday at 2PM PDT the BLM is hosting their first two online meetings about AngloGold Ashanti (AU)'s development of the North Bullfrog Gold Project directly adjacent to Augusta Gold (TSX: G)'s Bullfrog Gold Project. Click here for links and info! AU paid CAD$587 million to acquire ownership of North Bullfrog when they bought Corvus Gold (including their initial strategic investment in Corvus months prior to buying the rest of the company). Corvus Gold was Peter Schiff's most successful investment in history, but he isn't nearly as successful as G's largest shareholder and Executive Chairman Richard Warke (although Peter is amazing at debating, he is the #1 best in the world and destroyed Raoul Pal). It isn't yet reflected in G's share price/market cap, but G's Bullfrog Gold Project is worth significantly more than North Bullfrog due to its larger gold resource, higher gold grades, and existing infrastructure. There is a high likelihood of a huge new additional gold deposit to exist within G's Bullfrog "Gap Target" next to the borderline of the AU/Corvus North Bullfrog property boundary where AU is actively doing exploration drilling on the other side of the property borderline. G also owns the Reward Gold Project, which is one of the only fully permitted for construction gold projects in Nevada. All of these BLM hearings that AU is about to have for North Bullfrog, G has already had for Reward... and G's Reward Gold Project is already approved to become a producing gold mine and will be constructed as soon as G is trading north of $5 per share because Richard Warke doesn't want to dilute shareholders and screw up the share structure by issuing shares to construct the mine at an insanely low price of $1.10 per share. Richard Warke purchased nearly $4 million worth of G shares in March of last year at $1.33 per share and not only has gold gained significantly since then, but AU announced the discovery of the Merlin Gold Deposit directly to the east of G's Bullfrog "Gap Target" and north of G's Reward Gold Project. Merlin is the #1 largest newly discovered U.S. gold deposit in well over a decade, but AU is already a $10 billion market cap company. Yes, AU will gain by 30%-50% between now and the end of August, but it won't gain by 300%-500% between now and the end of August like G. The discovery of Merlin is much more significant for G a company with a market cap of less than $100 million! AU is a large, diversified gold miner vs. G's gold assets located solely in the Beatty Gold District and completely surrounded by the gold assets of AU a $10 billion market cap company! NIA has been saying for two years that the Beatty Gold District will be developed, and this week is the official beginning of it, but we are dorks we are losers who actually study this stuff the people who manage billions of dollars haven't "figured it out" yet, because nobody is researching these stocks but us. With dollars beginning to flow out of Nvidia, Tesla, Apple, etc... and beginning to flow into gold stocks we are witnessing a seismic shift similar to 2001, which will lead to a decade long period of gold stocks strongly outperforming big tech stocks. Yes, there will be many more opportunities in AI like Droneshield (ASX: DRO) and Healwell AI (TSX: AIDX), but these are small-cap stocks and won't prop up the entire market. The big money will be exiting the "magnificent seven" (we hate that term because these companies don't deserve the praise they receive) and entering gold stocks.

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