Bitcoin Falls Below $30K, No More Bull Markets Ahead

In December 2018, when Bitcoin bottomed at $3,215.20, the total supply of outstanding Tether (USDT) was $1.9 billion. In November 2021, when Bitcoin hit its record high of $69,000, the total supply of outstanding Tether (USDT) was $73.9 billion. A total of $72 billion USDT was printed during this period, for a USDT supply increase of 3,789%.

Today, Tether (USDT) has $83.68 billion outstanding tokens. It would be impossible to once again increase its supply by 3,789%. An increase of 3,789% would take its supply to $3.254 trillion. This would give Tether (USDT) a larger supply than U.S. currency in circulation of $2.342 trillion.

Bitcoin has just fallen below $30,000! Bitcoin miners are beginning to crash like NIA predicted! It is impossible for Bitcoin to ever hit new all-time highs!

Gold is weeks away from hitting new all-time highs. The current gold market is miniscule compared to global equity and bond markets! Gold must make massive gains to return to historical means!