Bitcoin Cash Hits $1,604 Up 203% in 6 Weeks!

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has just hit a new high since NIA's suggestion of $1,604.26 and is today's #1 largest gaining crypto token ranked within the Top 12 highest market cap coins!

On March 22nd, NIA sent out an alert entitled, 'Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is Most Undervalued Crypto Token' with BCH trading for $530!

BCH has gained by 202.69% from NIA's suggestion price in six weeks! Bitcoin (BTC) during this time period has gained by 0.52% to $57,295!

BCH has gained 390X more than BTC since NIA's suggestion of BCH predicting that it would far outperform BTC moving forward!

The BCH/BTC price ratio was 0.0093 when we suggested BCH and has just hit a new high since NIA's suggestion of 0.028! NIA began predicting on March 22nd that the BCH/BTC price ratio would rapidly rise to a level of between 0.02 and 0.03! NIA was 100% correct!

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