Bitcoin Cash is Breaking Out BIG!

On March 22nd, NIA sent out an alert entitled, 'Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is Most Undervalued Crypto Token' with BCH trading for $530.

In NIA's 'Most Important Update of 2021' alert that we sent out exactly one week ago, NIA said, "The Bitcoin Cash (BCH)/Bitcoin (BTC) price ratio bottomed on Wednesday at an all-time low of 0.0085 and has since bounced strongly to 0.0093. If BTC makes another rally to $60,000+ we look for BCH to simultaneously explode to $1,000+ and even if BTC pulls back to $45,000 we expect BCH to simultaneously rise to $600-$800!"

Over the past week, BCH has gained by 19.5% to $595 vs. BTC gaining by 10.6% to $59,500. The BCH/BTC price ratio is now up to 0.001, which is a new high since NIA suggested BCH on March 22nd!

BTC has a ton of resistance at $60,000-$62,000. Institutions are desperate to dump their BTC tokens on any move above $60,000. BCH is an undervalued asset that will only pick up momentum after it breaks through $600! Smart money is about to sell BTC and buy BCH!

Many people are beginning to realize that BTC has failed as a medium of exchange (MOE), with even BTC maximalists admitting that BTC is mainly being used as a store of value (SOV) similar to gold. What these people fail to understand is that gold has real physical properties that make it a SOV and superior to all other metals. For BTC to be a SOV it must also be a MOE otherwise it has no reason to be a SOV! BCH is the only Crypto token being widely used as a MOE!

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