Bitcoin Breaks $38,000!

Bitcoin just broke $38,000 and we expect GoldMoney (TSX: XAU) to become the market's next major Bitcoin play. XAU was originally founded as BitGold and has combined real money (gold) with the benefits of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Furthermore, XAU made a large investment three years ago to develop the infrastructure necessary to allow XAU's 350,000+ customers to buy/sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Crypto assets through the GoldMoney platform. XAU's CEO Roy Sebag remains a huge supporter of Bitcoin and only turned the Crypto trading system off after Bitcoin declined to $3,000 and the regulatory costs became greater than the income being generated from Crypto transactions. With Bitcoin now trading for $38,000 and Coinbase getting ready to go public in an IPO that will value it at an estimated $30 billion, we believe Sebag recognizes that he has an opportunity right now to turn XAU into a multi-billion dollar market cap company! Over the last 12 months, XAU has posted 19 separate bullish articles about Bitcoin to GoldMoney Research!

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