Bitcoin Breaks $18,000 and Hits $18,125!

Bitcoin just brokeout above $18,000 and hit $18,125! At 4PMEST yesterday when the stock market closed, Bitcoin was only $17,660. Bitcoin is currently up by $465 since yesterday's close of trading!

Neptune Dash (TSXV: DASH) or NPPTF on the U.S. OTC is NIA's #1 favorite undiscovered Bitcoin stock suggestion. Exactly one week ago, DASH announced a corporate strategy update where Bitcoin has now become DASH's #1 largest digital asset holding!

As of May 31st at the end of DASH's fiscal 3Q 2020, DASH already owned 28 Bitcoin worth CA$365,837, 131,959 ATOM worth CA$495,765, in addition to its 15,454 Dash worth CA$1,627,385, along with smaller amounts of Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, NEO, Omisego, and QTUM. DASH announced one week ago that subsequent to the end of DASH's fiscal 3Q 2020, DASH sold off the majority of the 15,454 Dash tokens that it held by reducing its Dash Masternodes from 15 down to 6 (each Masternode requires the staking of 1,000 Dash tokens). This means that DASH sold approximately 9,000 Dash tokens since May 31st to reduce its Dash holdings to approximately 6,000 tokensDASH reinvested much of the proceeds from the sale of these approximately 9,000 Dash tokens into Bitcoin! Since May 31st, Bitcoin has gained by 91.88% in value!

DASH's second largest holding as of May 31st was ATOM and since May 31st ATOM has gained by 88.64% in value!

DASH's fiscal 2020 year-end results will be released next month and we will learn full details about DASH's valuable Bitcoin holdings and the income that DASH is generating from them through DeFi!

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