Biden's UBI Drives Gold Past Key Breakout Point!

Although gold began bouncing from its short-term bottom a few weeks ago, prior to today gold remained stuck in a medium-term downtrend. Today was a turning point for gold! Not only did gold officially breakout of its medium-term downtrend by surpassing its most important key breakout point...  but gold also surpassed its most important moving average its 200-day moving average!

Biden's Child Tax Credit announced today was designed to normalize the idea of Universal Basic Income (UBI) in America. Permanent UBI in America is now 100% inevitable, which is a best case scenario for gold!

If you're a risk taker with only a small amount of money to invest into gold stocks and you are looking to maximize your potential gains... you should definitely consider Idaho Champion Gold (CSE: ITKO) because it has an insanely low market cap despite having two of the highest quality gold projects in America's fastest growing state Idaho!

If you want less risk and are willing to be more patient... North Peak Resources (TSXV: NPR) has almost no downside and will eventually become a 10-bagger in our opinion.

If you have a larger amount to invest and want to research the safest small-cap gold producer take a look at Frank Giustra's Aris Gold (TSX: ARIS). NIA's President believes Telson Mining (TSXV: TSN) is the gold miner with the largest upside potential.

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