BHP May Acquire Anglo American but PNPN Intercepting Highest Platinum Grades We Have Ever Seen

It was just announced that BHP could be ready to acquire Anglo American the world's #1 largest producer of platinum.

NIA's #3 overall pick Power Nickel Inc (TSXV: PNPN) has been intercepting some of the highest platinum grades we have ever seen:

Drill hole PN-24-051 intercepted 19.59 g/t platinum, 2.51% copper, 3.2 g/t palladium, 0.18% nickel, 0.24 g/t gold, and 13.95 g/t silver over 11.40 meters!

Drill hole PN-24-047 intercepted 8.17% copper8.44 g/t platinum6.25 g/t palladium, 0.58% nickel, 0.59 g/t gold, and 69.14 g/t silver over 14.42 meters!

The naked shorts are desperately trying to cover!

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