Beyond Meat Breaks $100 in Pre-Market Trading

Shares of Beyond Meat (BYND) rose yesterday by $11.50 or 13.37% to close at a record high of $97.50 per share up 290% from its May 2nd IPO price of $25 per share. In pre-market trading, BYND is up another $5.50 to $103 per share!

NIA's pea protein extraction play Burcon NutraScience Corp (TSX: BU) did NOT really decline by $0.70 or 45.75% to $0.83 per share on Wednesday but actually hit a new high since NIA's suggestion! The company is conducting a rights offering and everybody who owned BU shares prior to yesterday, received one right yesterday for each share owned to purchase an additional share at a price of $0.35 per share. These rights can be publicly traded and closed yesterday at a price of $0.53 per share!

Therefore, the total combined value of BU common shares plus the BU rights that each shareholder received is currently $1.36 per share, which means investors are still up by 70% from NIA's suggestion Friday morning at $0.80 per share. At one point yesterday morning, their combined value peaked at a high of $1.97 per share for a gain of 146.25% from NIA's Friday morning suggestion price! Here is an adjusted BU chart including the value of the BU right, from NIA's suggestion at $0.80 through yesterday's close:

BU's rights offering will likely be fully exercised and will raise the company $15.2 million in cash. These funds will allow BU to contribute the full $8 million it has committed towards the construction of a $65 million pea protein commercial production facility in Western Canada, which is planned to initially process approximately 20,000 tonnes of peas per year starting in mid-2020 and will produce BU's Peazazz® and Peazac™ pea proteins, as well as BU's Supertein®, Puratein® and Nutratein® canola proteins. BU is only funding 12.3% of the $65 million cost to build the facility and bring it into production, but will own a 40% stake in the plant.

NIA has discovered a new pea protein play that it believes will become another MAJOR short-term gainer like BU! NIA intends to announce it sometime today!

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