Be Ready: OGO's 4Q Results After Today's Close of Trading!

Organto Foods (TSXV: OGO) or OGOFF on the U.S. OTC was originally co-founded by Robert Giustra (the first cousin of Frank Giustra) and is one of the world's fastest growing organic food companies! OGO is NIA's #1 favorite exponential growth stock. When we initially profiled OGO on the morning of February 22nd we predicted that they would report extremely strong 4Q 2020 results with rapidly accelerating revenue growth. After the close today, we will find out if NIA was once again right with OGO set to report its 4Q and year-end 2020 results this evening!

We will most likely also learn about OGO's latest growth outlook for 2021 and all signs point to continued rapid growth!

OGO's co-CEO Steve Bromley was previously the CEO of the NASDAQ organic food company SunOpta. Back on May 28, 2014 Bromley was a guest on CNBC's Mad Money where Jim Cramer spoke about the extremely strong performance of SunOpta under the leadership of Bromleyclick here to see his CNBC appearance! On the day of his CNBC appearance, SunOpta's enterprise value had just hit US$1.112 billion or 12.93X above its enterprise value of only US$86 million on the day he first joined SunOpta's management team!

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