BBB Owns Largest Project in Golden Triangle

Brixton Metals (TSXV: BBB) or BBBXF on the U.S. OTCQB owns 100% of the Thorn Project the largest contiguous mineral claim package in the Golden Triangle of BC.

BBB recently expanded its Thorn Project to 2,600 square km by acquiring the adjacent 3,756 hectare Trapper Copper-Gold Porphyry Project of Kodiak Copper (TSXV: KDK). With KDK gaining by 587.76% within five weeks of the deal being announced, it is likely that KDK would have wanted a higher price for the Trapper Project if BBB didn't sign the agreement to acquire Trapper exactly when it did.

To put the size of BBB's Thorn Project into perspective, at 2,600 square km it is nearly as big as the Greater Vancouver metropolitan area, which is 2,882.68 square km with a population of 2.463 million.

The Thorn Project contains gold, silver, and copper and already has a maiden inferred resource of 21.5 million oz of silver equivalent consisting of 7.4 million tonnes grading 89.75 g/t silver equivalentBBB's maiden inferred resource at the Thorn Project is from 2014 and doesn't include any of BBB's impressive intercepts from recent years.

BBB's 2019 drill hole THN19-150 at the Thorn Project's Camp Creek Target intercepted 554.70m of 1.97 g/t gold equivalent beginning 97m downhole, which included 135.96m of 5.00 g/t gold equivalent.

In addition, drill hole THN19-151 intercepted 256.87m of 2.31 g/t gold equivalent beginning 100.18m downhole.

In addition, drill hole THN19-162 intercepted 230.82m of 0.27% copper equivalent beginning 323m downhole.

In 2020, BBB drilled three new deep holes at the Thorn Project's Camp Creek Target including a 1,000m deep hole in between the 2019 drill holes THN19-150 and THN19-162. BBB's drilling results for these three new deep holes at the Thorn Project's Camp Creek Target will be released in the very near-future.

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