Bank of England Shocks with Early Rate Hike!

The Bank of England was expected to hike rates in February 2022 but shocked the world with a rate hike this morning as U.K. price inflation hits a decade high of 5.1%. With U.S. price inflation already at 6.8%, NIA is convinced that the Fed will be forced to raise rates in March 2022, even though CNBC and the rest of the financial mainstream media refuse to acknowledge this likelihood. A March 2022 Fed rate hike could cause gold to explode by $200 per oz in a single day because it will prove how far behind the Fed is and how they have already destroyed all of their credibility.

We expect to see a perfect storm scenario in March for North Peak Resources (TSXV: NPR) that will likely take the stock into double-digits because we expect to learn by March about the likelihood of Black Horse containing a massive high-grade gold deposit larger than anybody thinks possible, because Black Horse has never been explored with modern technology despite some of the highest gold grades in Nevada history mined from Black Horse in the early 1900s and a 2 mile strike of mineralization already defined in the late 1990s. We know the gold is there. The most successful mining executives of the last two decades aren't wasting their time doing all of this for no reason.

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