ART's Valuation vs PORTL

PORTL just raised $12 million in its Series A Round which means its valuation is approximately US$100 million.

PORTL's product competes against ARHT Media (TSXV: ART)'s HoloPod, which is the market share leader. Some of ART's prospective clients said that HoloPod's footprint is too large for their boardroom. PORTL's footprint is even larger and unsuitable for any corporate board rooms. ART's upcoming HoloPod 2.0 will have a smaller footprint and will make holograms mainstream!

PORTL has no product to present to a large audience of thousands of people.

ART's H-Series hologram technology allows Gary VeeTony Robbins, Warren Buffett, Jeffrey Gundlach, etc... to walk around on stage while presenting to thousands of people and interacting with audience members. No other company has this technology!

PORTL has no Metaverse technology.

A few days ago, the Enterprise Blockchain Awards were held in the Metaverse using ART's Virtual Global Stage technology.

If PORTL is already worth US$100 million, ART deserves a market cap of US$200-$300 million, but it is currently worth only US$30 millionART is projecting 100% revenue growth for 2022!

According to CNBC, ART's WeWork deal has been expanded to even more locations!

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