APGO Backed by Extremely Successful Mining Entrepreneur!

The investor behind NIA's new #1 favorite US silver play Apollo Silver (TSXV: APGO) has one of the mining sector's most successful track records of 2020/2021!

APGO Chairman Andrew Bowering is also Founder & Chairman of American Lithium (TSXV: LI).

LI has gained by 1,268.42% since April 3, 2020! LI has a current market cap of $463 million!

Andrew Bowering is also Founder, Executive Vice President, Director, and Former CEO of Prime Mining (TSXV: PRYM).

PRYM has gained by 1,476.92% since March 20, 2020! PRYM has a current market cap of $464 million!

Andrew Bowering is also Founder of Millennial Lithium (TSXV: ML).

ML has gained by 449.30% since March 20, 2020! ML has a current market cap of $382 million!

APGO's market cap is only a fraction of the market caps of Andrew Bowering's three other publicly traded mining companies!

APGO officially became a brand new pure U.S. silver play earlier this month and very few investors are aware that Apollo Silver could be on the verge of establishing the #1 largest undeveloped silver resource in the entire United States after closing on the acquisition of the Waterloo Silver Project from multi-billion dollar silver miner Pan American Silver and consolidating it with APGO's directly adjacent Langtry Silver Project to form a brand new district scale silver project in the Calico Silver Mining District only 145 miles northeast of Los Angeles!

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