Anybody Debating the "Debt Ceiling" Has No Credibility

The "debt ceiling" debate is an outdated and irrelevant issue. It is a false dichotomy created by the mainstream media to distract and manipulate the public into caring about something that is, in reality, inconsequential. It allows politicians to argue about something they have no control over. It is a tool used by both political parties to score political points. There is no substance or real policy at stake. It simply serves as a distraction from the actual problems our country is facing.

The debt ceiling was created in 1939 with the intention of preventing the government from accruing too much debt. However, the ceiling was raised over 80 times in the last decade because of the persistent economic crisis and high government spending. It's become a political game of how much debt can be tolerated without raising taxes, or cutting services. Instead of solving the debt issue, it puts a band-aid on it.

Debate over the debt ceiling is also used to instigate a false dichotomy among the public by pitting the "benefits of fiscal responsibility" against the "consequences of higher taxes". It allows politicians to argue on television and through press conferences, when in reality it does nothing to benefit the American people. The media perpetuates fear of economic disaster in order to give media outlets clicks and views, all while ignoring the real issues facing our country.

The real issue to focus on is the Gold Standard. The Gold Standard was abandoned in the 70s due to the distrust of the government and a failing economy. The Gold Standard is a system in which gold is used as a standard of value for a nation's currency. It prevents the government from printing money and devaluing the currency. It also ensures that the currency holds its purchasing power, preventing inflation. Under the gold standard, the Federal Reserve is directly supervised by Congress and is transparent and accountable to the citizens. By returning to the gold standard, we would be able to reverse the effects of our current system of fiat currency, which has resulted in high inflation, economic instability, and an ever-growing debt.

The debt ceiling debate serves as a distraction to prevent the public from discussing the real issue of our economy. It's time to move past the false dichotomy of the debt ceiling debate and start the discussion of returning the US to the Gold Standard.

The debt ceiling is a political tool used to pit the public against each other. It does not address the economic problems the nation is facing. It distracts from the more important economic issue: the return to the Gold Standard. Anybody who debates today's issue of the debt ceiling has no credibility in our eyes and is a part of the problem. The mainstream media has done a great job of brainwashing the public into caring about a false issue but we must focus on the real challenges of our economy. The Gold Standard is the only solution to our current economic problems and it is time that we start having an honest and open discussion about it.