America's Real Pandemic

The real pandemic has never been COVID-19. NIA said from day one that COVID-19 would turn out to be no more deadly than the flu because it literally is the flu (nobody talks about how flu rates in the U.S. have dropped to zero). NIA was the very first organization in the world to expose how the scamdemic was fueled entirely through the use of a phony/fake PCR test that not only has no ability to distinguish between COVID-19 and the delta variant, but it also can't distinguish between SARS-COV-2 and thousands of different strains of influenza.

NIA explained that by using a cycle threshold of 40, which made 1 TRILLION copies of the DNA sample, it will always find positive matches no matter what! NIA explained that even a cycle threshold of 30, which would only make 1/1000th of the DNA copies (1 billion) would still be way too high. NIA gave the example that for HIV patients a cycle threshold of 30 is considered "undetectable" meaning it would be impossible to spread HIV to others. The goal was always to divide the country to put a puppet President into office and turn the average American into a scared zombie sheep as part of the government's effort to prepare for the fast approaching hyperinflationary reset.

The real pandemic in America is the mental health crisis as a result of the government's COVID-19 responseAmericans have severe COVID induced anxiety, depression, and alcohol use disorders and only Cybin (CYBN) is positioned to help cure these COVID induced mental health disorders and solve America's mental health pandemic with inhalable psychedelic molecules!

CYBN is positioned to become the world's #1 largest and most successful psychedelic mental health biotechnology company!

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