Almadex Minerals (TSXV: DEX) Shortage of Shares, Get in Early and Flip for Profit at $0.50+

Almadex Minerals (TSXV: DEX) has a shortage of shares because their massive cash position came from the sale of one of its many royalties and they aren't going to ever dilute by issuing any new shares.

DEX is preparing for drill programs at both its 100% owned New Hope Porphyry Copper Project in Arizona and also the Arena Hill Zone at its 100% owned Paradise Project in Nevada where DEX has discovered a 1.2 km x 700 m area of high-temperature porphyry lithocap alteration. Spectral imaging at DEX's Arena Hill Zone show clear alteration vectors and temperature gradients that could be fluid routes leading to porphyry mineralization at depth.

DEX doesn't care about making discoveries of small veins of gold/silver. They are going after massive Porphyry Copper-Gold Deposits.

DEX's Arena Hill Zone at its Paradise Project is 5 miles northeast of the abandoned Paradise Peak gold mine, which produced 24.1 MOz of silver and 1.6 MOz of gold.

At Paradise Peak, gold-rich porphyry copper alteration and mineralization were found beneath the high sulfur ore, defining this deposit as a classic porphyry lithocap.

DEX's Paradise Project geology resembles Paradise Peak, with a sizable, preserved porphyry lithocap and the possibility of high sulphuration and porphyry copper-gold mineralization.

DEX is trading for below its cash position, and it owns its own drills so it will cost them very little to drill these properties.

About 80% of the time the easiest way to make money on these exploration stocks is by getting in early before the drilling program is announced and selling it immediately before any drilling results get announced. There are only a small number of DEX shares available below its cash position. Once their drilling is underway in Arizona and Nevada the stock will be $0.50+ and people who got in early can flip it for a profit. We believe they will hit something big at one of these properties and it will be $2-$3 before year-end, but even if we are wrong, at $0.25 per share there is practically no downside risk. DEX management previously discovered large copper/gold deposits in Mexico and Canada.

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