Almadex Minerals (TSXV: DEX) Will Make Copper Porphyry Discovery in Arizona in 2024

Almadex Minerals (TSXV: DEX) will make a Copper Porphyry discovery in Arizona in 2024.

If we are right, DEX goes to $2-$3.

If we are wrong, DEX goes to new 52-week highs anyway because of its huge cash position and significant royalty portfolio.

DEX is our #2 overall pick similar to Lifeway Foods (LWAY) at $2.10-$2.52 per share. We don't want to talk about DEX too much because we know people trying to accumulate in the low $0.20s.

Augusta Gold (TSX: G) is our #1 overall pick similar to Fiore Gold (TSXV: F) at $0.23-$0.375 per share and Enterprise Group (TSX: E) at $0.16 per share.

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