Algorithms Control the Market

When NIA announced (SPRT) on September 8th at $1.98 per share as its highest level of confidence stock suggestion the volume it traded that day of 832,593 shares was its #1 highest volume day of 2020, but ever since SPRT introduced their Cryptocurrency technology on March 22nd the volume that SPRT has traded every single day has been so huge that SPRT's volume from September 8th can't even be seen on a chart anymore. Algorithms control the market and as soon as SPRT announced its Cryptocurrency news the algorithms instantly took notice and combined with the fact that SPRT already had a huge cash position, positive free cash flow, etc... all of the things that we originally liked about the stock... the algorithms instantly propelled SPRT into being one of the most actively traded stocks in the entire market over the last five months.

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