AI is Bad For Crypto, Good For Gold

The Crypto industry had a decade to invent one useful app that can compare to ChatGPT (try GPT Playground it is 1,000X better but nobody knows about it). We can't name one useful Ethereum based application. None.

Crypto "influencers" on social media and YouTube are realizing that Crypto is no longer bringing them any engagement so they are switching to being "experts" on AICrypto is about to slowly fade away and it will accelerate the collapse of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin will no longer be viewed as an alternative to gold, which will accelerate gold's rally to $2,670 per oz this year and $4,000 per oz in 2024.

The fact that Nvidia (NVDA) is temporarily one of the only companies that can supply these GPU chips to big tech companies... is exactly the same position that gold exploration companies with the handful of fully permitted gold projects in top jurisdictions like Nevada will soon find themselves in.

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