AGN is an Opportunity Like No Other!

Algernon Pharmaceuticals (CSE: AGN) is the most perfectly positioned stock in the market.

Although the NASDAQ Composite and NASDAQ Biotechnology Index are both down big year-to-date...  chronic cough biotech stocks have been skyrocketing ever since the FDA rejected Merck (MRK)'s chronic cough drug on January 24th!

Bellus Health (BLU) has gained by 128.92% from its January 24th low and Trevi Therapeutics (TRVI) has gained by 430% from its January 24th low!

AGN was $8 per share on January 24th and is the only chronic cough biotech stock to decline since then, but after AGN's huge news this morning of an extremely positive Phase 2 trial for its chronic cough drug, AGN's share price is about to make a massive breakout like NOTHING you have ever seen before!

The only stocks hotter than chronic cough biotech stocks are DMT stocks...with Small Pharma (TSXV: DMT) gaining by 270.59% from its July 20th low and Cybin (CYBN) gaining by 184.62% from its May 16th low!

AGN is about to launch its DMT clinical trials in the upcoming weeks!

AGN is the only publicly traded company focused on BOTH of the two hottest areas of investment in today's market!

Best of all: AGN's market cap is less than US$10 million! AGN has NO debt!

Do you understand now why we are sending so many AGN alerts?! AGN is an opportunity like no other that we have ever seen in history!

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