AGN Could Have First-in-Class Treatment for Chronic Cough

According to Dr. Peter Dicpinigaitis, Professor of Medicine at the prestigious Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC one of America's top ranked medical research institutions, Algernon Pharmaceutical (CSE: AGN)'s Ifenprodil could become a "first-in-class" treatment for chronic cough.

Dr. Dicpinigaitis said earlier this month, “The NMDA receptor is a fascinating target, and Ifenprodil, if successful, would be a first-in-class treatment. I am excited about the drug’s potential not only for cough in IPF, but also for the wider refractory chronic cough population.”

Dr. Dicpinigaitis is one of the world's most respected experts on chronic cough. Click here to see his bio!

After gaining another 6.34% on Friday to close last week at $5.20 per share, AGN's market cap remains at only US$9.4 million and that's including the newly issued shares from last week's private placement in which Canada's #1 most successful hedge fund nearly doubled their AGN stake to become the company's largest shareholder!

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