Afghanistan Gold Looted for Safe Keeping

It is not a coincidence that a few months ago, Afghanistan's Bactrian Gold Treasure of 21,145 pieces of gold was looted (sent abroad for safe keeping). Click here to see for yourself!

The Afghanistan central bank had a gold reserve worth $1.23 billion. Most likely, we will find out months from now that U.S. troops or military contractors looted (sent abroad for safe keepingAfghanistan's gold reserve prior to "withdrawing" from the country.

If U.S. troops are leaving Afghanistan for good, it is because U.S. price inflation has risen so high that we can no longer afford to maintain an empire around the world.

It is much more likely that there will be bipartisan political pressure to reinvade Afghanistan to prevent the Taliban from taking control of the Afghan Air Force after U.S. Congress forced Afghanistan's puppet government to replace its Russian fleet with U.S. made equipment. Although Afghanistan's puppet government was unable to use its American made aircraft to defend itself without U.S. military contractors present, we are sure the Taliban will somehow figure it out and this will be viewed as a major threat to U.S. security.

For many years, military contractors paid off the Taliban for support on the ground. By "withdrawing" it means that it was in the best interest of U.S. Defense Agencies for the Taliban to take over.