AEHR Down 65.19% Since NIA's Short Sale Suggestion 4 Months Ago

On September 23rd, NIA suggested selling AEHR Test Systems (AEHR) short at $42.66 per share.

AEHR declined by 6.01% today to $14.85 per share and has declined by 65.19% since NIA made it its latest short sale suggestion!

Previously, NIA on August 29th suggested AEHR competitor Trio Tech International (TRT) as a speculative short-term trade at $6.68 per share prior to it gaining by 29.04% in one month to a high of $8.62 per share.

We said in our August 29th alert that we like "guaranteed sure thing" winners and that Zedge (ZDGE) was the #1 biggest guaranteed sure thing winner trading on the NYSE/AMEX/NASDAQ, not TRT, but we were suggesting TRT as a speculative short-term trade because we knew AEHR was trading at a crazy high valuation and TRT does exactly the same thing.

We regret not buying AEHR put options.

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