4 Commodities Hit New 52-Week Highs Priced in Gold

There are currently four commodities that are trading at new 52-week highs when priced in gold: Lithium, Coal, Oats, and Zinc!

Of these four commodities hitting new 52-week real money highs, zinc has the most bullish long-term chart and appears poised for its most epic breakout in history. The zinc/gold price ratio finished last week at a new 52-week high of 1.7143 for a gain of 47.6% from its low one year ago of 1.1614! For the last two decades, zinc has consistently bottomed at higher lows with a rapidly converging trading range to form a triangle pattern.

Zinc appears poised to make a bullish breakout from this two decade triangle pattern this month while it simultaneously hits new multi-year highs priced in gold (real money)!

If zinc makes a bullish breakout from its long-term triangle pattern, we could potentially see zinc rapidly explode from its current price of $2,992.75 per tonne to new all-time highs of above $4,442 per tonne!

The world's largest primary zinc producer Vedanta (VEDL) has gained by 246.34% over the last nine months and finished last week at its highest weekly closing price in 39 months!

NIA has been researching every primary zinc producer/explorer in existence in search of the #1 best way to capitalize on what will likely become zinc's most epic breakout/rally of all-time!

NIA will be announcing its #1 favorite primary zinc stock suggestion tomorrow morning!

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