3X Larger than World's 2nd Largest Nickel Reserve

Noble Mineral Exploration (TSXV: NOB) here at $0.055 per share has a market cap of only CAD$12.46 million.

As of May 31st, NOB held cash plus securities in publicly traded companies mostly in Canada Nickel Company (TSXV: CNC) worth CAD$4.83 million.

Based on NOB's current market cap and cash + short-term investments as of May 31st, NOB has an enterprise value of approximately CAD$7.63 million or US$5.62 million.

CNC owns the world's second largest nickel reserve at Crawford and the geophysical footprint of NOB's 100% owned Mann Northwest is more than 3X larger than Crawford. CNC is paying for the exploration of Mann Northwest to earn an 80% stake, which will leave NOB with a 20% interest in Mann Northwest.

Try to imagine for yourself what the 20% interest that NOB will retain in Mann Northwest alone will be worth with these type of drilling results recently reported by CNC:

Drill hole MAN23-01 intercepted 412.2m of 0.19% nickel, 0.01% cobalt, 0.028 g/t palladium, and 0.019 g/t platinum plus an additional 81m of 0.24% nickel, 0.01% cobalt, 0.003 g/t palladium, and 0.004 g/t platinum.

Drill hole MAN23-02 intercepted 348.5m of 0.23% nickel, 0.01% cobalt, 0.025 g/t palladium, and 0.015 g/t platinum plus an additional 28.9m of 0.03% nickel, 0.01% cobalt, 0.294 g/t palladium, and 0.229 g/t platinum.

Drill hole MAN23-03 intercepted 291.5m of 0.23% nickel, 0.01% cobalt, 0.005 g/t palladium, and 0.006 g/t platinum plus an additional 23m of 0.22% nickel, 0.01% cobalt, 0.003 g/t palladium, and 0.006 g/t platinum.

Drill hole MAN23-04 intercepted 301.5m of 0.18% nickel, 0.01% cobalt, 0.009 g/t palladium, and 0.011 g/t platinum plus an additional 16m of 0.01% nickel, 0.01% cobalt, 0.238 g/t palladium, and 0.176 g/t platinum.

Drill hole MAN23-05 intercepted 366.5m of 0.20% nickel, 0.01% cobalt, 0.019 g/t palladium, and 0.013 g/t platinum.

Drilling results for three additional holes at Mann Northwest are pending that will extend the strike length to 2.7km!

Drilling at NOB's 100% owned Mann Central and Mann Southeast hasn't started yet!

NOB totally separate from CNC has secretly launched a 2,000m drilling program targeting IP anomalies located 2,000m north of the world's deepest base metal mine Kidd Creek owned by $70 billion Glencore!

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