3AC's Zhu Su Has Just EXPOSED the Web 3.0 Con!

Three Arrows Capital (3AC) founder Zhu Su after losing countless billions of dollars of Crypto investor capital through his reckless investment into the TerraUSD ponzi scheme on Anchor Protocol, has been refusing to cooperate with creditors trying to recover funds for their clients. Back on May 25th it was announced that a "Web 3.0" start-up StarkWare Industries, which "provides solutions to make blockchain technology more scalable" reached an $8 BILLION valuation following their latest $100 million funding round. Investors in this $100 million funding round included, "Tiger Global, Paradigm, Three Arrows Capital, and Sequoia Capital."

Today, Zhu Su exposed the whole entire scam of Web 3.0 when he tweeted about how the "liquidators" of 3AC, failed to exercise 3AC's StarkWare token warrants, which had a deadline of July 8th. This is a VERY big deal because the token warrants were the ONLY reason 3AC or any other VC firm invested into StarkWare!

You see... all of these Web 3.0 valuations of $8 BILLION or w/e for companies like StarkWare Industries are 100% phony/fake. These companies are worthless... it's a giant scam to dump tokens on to the public who believe they are buying into some kind of revolutionary/innovative technology and that these tokens because of their imaginary future utility are even better than owning stock in these companies!

The ENTIRE purpose of firms like 3AC, Tiger Global, Paradigm, and Sequoia investing $100 million into StarkWare at such an insanely high valuation is due to the fact that they received these secret token warrants. The mainstream media never discloses any information about these secret token warrants in their articles promoting the funding rounds and their FAKE unicorn valuations!

By the mainstream media reporting breathlessly on May 25th that StarkWare is worth $8 BILLION, it makes the clueless Gen-Z/millennial retail investors eager to buyup StarkWare tokens as soon as they begin to trade. They see the fake StarkWare valuation of $8 BILLION and believe that if the StarkWare Crypto token begins trading at a market cap of only $4 BILLION, it must be a STEAL... and they buy it up with all of their Bitcoin/Ethereum.

Meanwhile, the VCs who invested $100 million into StarkWare for 1.25% of the company DON'T EVER intend to actually get a return on their StarkWare ownership stake. They care only about their StarkWare token warrants which are FREE for them to exercise and will give them $1 BILLION+ worth of StarkWare unregistered securities (utility tokens) that they will immediately DUMP onto clueless Crypto investors chasing the "next big thing" in Web 3.0.

The 3AC liquidators apparently had no idea about the importance of these token warrants and by missing the deadline to exercise, 3AC's whole entire investment into StarkWare using the funds that were "loaned" to them by companies like Voyager Digital is now worthless... and it will mean even less of a chance that anything gets recovered for the Voyager victims.

Luckily for NIA members, Voyager was NIA's most successful stock suggestion in history gaining by 6,225% AND NIA's most successful short suggestion in history declining by 99.99%!