150,000 Americans Will See Celtic (CLTFF) Next Month

Celtic (CLTFF) has the 14th highest average home attendance out of 1,100+ football clubs across Europe.

Celtic (CLTFF) average attendance of 58,759 exceeds 16 of 20 English Premier League (EPL) football clubs including Liverpool (valued at $5.37 billion) with average attendance of 55,809 and Manchester City (valued at $5.1 billion) with average attendance of 53,288.

Celtic (CLTFF) has the 17th highest shirt/kit sales out of 1,100+ football clubs across Europe.

Celtic (CLTFF) earned US$37 million from their Adidas deal in 2023. With the world's #1 most famous MMA fighter Conor McGregor, #1 most famous active WWE wrestler CM Punk, and #1 most famous active Canadian WWE wrestler Sami Zayn all spotted wearing Celtic FC wear in recent weeks... Celtic (CLTFF) is experiencing unprecedented growth in shirt/kit sales!

Celtic (CLTFF)'s Adidas deal expires in July 2025. Celtic (CLTFF) has HUGE leverage to sign a much more favorable long-term deal in July 2025. Whether it be a new Adidas deal or a deal with Nike, Puma, etc., Celtic (CLTFF) is going to rapidly grow its revenue and profits for many years to come!

A total of 150,000 American fans will be seeing Celtic (CLTFF) play in person one month from today, most for the very first time!

Watch what happens when only a miniscule number of these fans lookup Celtic FC on Google or Wikipedia, discover it is publicly traded, and begin loading up on the stock.

Celtic (CLTFF) is perhaps the most tightly held football club stock in world history. Most Celtic (CLTFF) shareholders will never sell a single share under any circumstances.

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