A 100% Sure Way to Profit Big

If you are looking for a 100% sure way to profit big... look no further than Enterprise Group (TSX: E) here at $0.18 per share. Our opinion on E is completely unbiased.

E's chart is setup perfectly here for a major breakout. More importantly, E's balance sheet has just experienced an incredibly positive turnaround from being extremely unhealthy to now being extremely healthy!

We predicted months ago that E would see this stunning balance sheet improvement, which is why we made it our #1 favorite overall stock suggestion on September 18th! Following our September 18th announcement, E rallied from $0.16 per share to a high of $0.34 per share for a gain of 112.5% in three trading days!

E got ahead of itself in September, but today at $0.18 per share it is a bigger opportunity than ever before! We will explain in detail tonight!

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