#1 Gold Miners of U.S. and China BOTH Investing BIG into TIG!

The world's LARGEST gold miners are beginning to take notice of Triumph Gold (TSXV: TIG) and are investing BIG into the companyNewmont/GoldCorp (NEM) first invested into TIG on March 1, 2017 at $0.40 per share by acquiring 11.88 million shares and on July 11, 2018 they added an additional 2,719,674 shares thereby increasing their TIG position to 14,599,674 shares for a HUGE stake of 13.62%!

Very few people are aware of this yet but Zijin Mining the LARGEST gold miner in all of China has purchased an 11% stake in TIG! The CEO of TIG just spoke about it in a brand new interview! Click here to see for yourself!

Another major shareholder Palisade Global Investments Ltd between January 24, 2017 and July 22, 2019 increased its TIG position from 6,385,500 shares up to 14,959,833 shares, thereby increasing its stake by 8,574,333 shares or 134.28% over 30 months. Most recently they purchased 1.4 million shares on July 22, 2019 in a TIG private placement priced at $0.35 per share. They purchased a total of 2.63 million shares in the open market during this time period at an average price of $0.375 per share!

TIG is 100% focused on developing its Freegold Mountain Property in the Yukon Territory. Because of this, TIG decided that it would option off its Andalusite Peak Property that it staked in 2017. On August 26th, TIG announced that it optioned its Andalusite Peak Property to Rio Tinto (RIO) an $87 BILLION market cap company! RIO will pay TIG $3,000,000 over a five-year option period and reserve for TIG a 1% NSR royalty capped at $50 million. Therefore, TIG could receive a total of $53 million from RIO if it decides to develop TIG's Andalusite Peak Property and this was just a secondary project that TIG acquired 100% of by staking the claims itself!

On September 12th, TIG announced that drillhole RVD19-02 at its flagship Freegold Mountain Property in the Yukon Territory intercepted 1.211 g/t of gold equivalent over 400.48m for 485 grammeters of gold equivalent! Mining.com hasn't yet released the Top 10 gold intercepts for the month of September 2019, but if you take a look for example at the Top 10 gold intercepts for the month of June 2019 you will see that 485 grammeters would have ranked TIG's intercept as the industry's 7th best! Click here to see for yourself!

In the upcoming days as web sites begin to publish their lists of September's best gold intercepts look for TIG to receive a tremendous amount of exposure!

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