NIA’s WPX is Poised to Explode in Days/Weeks Ahead!

Major consolidation is beginning to take place within the Saskatchewan Potash industry and Western Potash (TSX: WPX) is perfectly positioned with one of the world’s largest potash resources adjacent to potash projects owned by BHP-Billiton (BHP): a $105 billion company, Rio Tinto (RIO): a $71 billion company, Vale (VALE): a $44 billion company, and K+S AG (KPLUY): a $4.5 billion company. It is also in very close proximity to the largest and lowest cost solution-extraction potash operation in the world, the Belle Plaine Potash Mine, owned and operated by Mosaic (MOS): a $10.6 billion company.

Yesterday, it was announced that MOS the largest Potash producer in the area is acquiring the fertilizer business of VALE for $2.5 billion! The #1 flagship asset that MOS is acquiring from VALE is their Kronau Potash Project located in Regina, Saskatchewan. The Kronau Potash Project is immediately adjacent to WPX‘s Milestone Potash Project!

It wouldn’t surprise us if WPX becomes the next major takeover target in the Saskatchewan Potash industry! Currently, we see little/no downside risk for WPX with the stock trading just above its cash position of $0.16 per share! WPX could quickly double or triple in value and is NIA’s #1 pick for 2017!

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