Why BTL is Sure Thing to Break $5 and Explode

NIA is extremely confident that BTL Group (TSXV: BTL) will breakout above $5 and explode in the upcoming days!

Unbelievably, there is only one other publicly traded Blockchain company related to Bitcoin/Ethereum and it’s called First Bitcoin Capital Corp (BITCF).  So far in 2017, BITCF has gained 1,348% to $0.42 per share with 302.08 million shares outstanding, giving it a market cap of $126.87 million.

BITCF claims to operate a Bitcoin exchange called CoinQX, but CoinQX isn’t a Cryptocurrency exchange at all! It is designed to look like a Bitcoin exchange to fool investors who are looking to capitalize on the Crypto Boom, but don’t have a good understanding of how Cryptocurrencies work. You can’t actually buy/sell Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrencies on their web site. BITCF doesn’t even release any financial statements and is most likely a complete fraud.

Just having Bitcoin in its name has given a fake company like BITCF a market cap of USD$126.87 million. If phony/fake BITCF is worth $126.87 million, we could easily see BTL reach a market cap of $200 million+ in the near-future.

BTL’s Ethereum-based Interbit platform enables institutions to issue and transfer assets over a network using smart contracts and Blockchain technology to automate processes and reduce costs. BTL doesn’t have Bitcoin or Ethereum in its name but it is a real Cryptocurrency/Blockchain technology play that has been working on major Ethereum pilot projects with financial giants like Visa, huge European banks, and multi-billion dollar energy companies.

For most of the past year, BTL was averaging a share price of 0.1X the price of Ethereum. This morning, Ethereum reached a new record high of $225. A ratio of 0.1X Ethereum would currently value BTL at $22.50 per share!

After successfully raising CAD$3.1 million in a private placement last month, BTL has 18.453 million shares outstanding for a market cap at $3.96 of only CAD$73.07 million or USD$54.13 million! Just to match BITCF’s market cap of USD$126.87 million, BTL must rise to $9.28 per share. For BTL’s market cap to surpass USD$200 million it would need to rise north of $14.63 per share.

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