Trump’s Odds Explode from 11% to 88% in 3 Hours!

We would like to thank the 29,000 members who watched our video released yesterday, which compared the U.S. Presidential Election to the U.K. Brexit referendum.

Back on June 23rd, the night of the Brexit referendum, NIA issued an alert about how Brexit odds had just soared from 10% to 90% in only 6 hours, causing gold to explode by $43 per oz.


A few hours later, NIA issued another alert comparing Brexit to Donald Trump’s candidacy. We explained how Brexit made Trump much more likely to win the election – way before anyone in the mainstream media compared Brexit to Trump.

Three hours ago, Trump’s odds were down to a new record low of only 11%, but have since exploded to 88% – almost exactly like Brexit!


Gold in overseas trading has just exploded upward by $45 per oz!

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