Top 40 Gaining Asset Types of Last 30 Days

Take a look at the Top 40 Largest Gaining Asset Types of the Last 30 Days:
Gold/Silver Exploration Stocks (GLDX)    31.65%
Small/Medium-Cap Gold Mining Stocks (GDXJ)    27.41%
Silver Mining Stocks (SIL)    26.12%
Large-Cap Gold Mining Stocks (GDX)    18.46%
Lean Hogs    15.96%
Silver    12.40%
Live Cattle    12.03%
Butter    11.45%
Lumber    9.55%
Oats    8.91%
Zinc    7.36%
Russell 2000    7.28%
Gold    6.03%
NASDAQ    5.95%
TSX Venture    5.63%
Platinum    5.06%
Natural Gas    4.82%
Nickel    4.52%
Copper    3.80%
Sugar    3.61%
S&P 500    3.18%
Palladium    3.12%
Lead    2.97%
TSX    2.83%
DJIA    2.07%
Cocoa    1.76%
Canola    1.33%
Oil    1.09%
Coffee    1.02%
Rough Rice    0%
Coal    -1.42%
Bitcoins    -2.06%
Ethanol    -2.61%
Milk    -5.48%
Cheese    -6.26%
Soybeans    -6.31%
Wheat    -7.27%
Corn    -9%
Orange Juice    -10.32%
Cotton    -12.75%
The following is very clear:
1) Silver is Far Outperforming Gold
2) Gold/Silver Stocks are Far Outperforming Gold/Silver Prices
3) Gold/Silver Exploration Stocks are Far Outperforming Gold/Silver Mining Stocks
4) Small-Cap Stocks are Far Outperforming Large-Cap Stocks
What does this all translate to? If you are looking to rapidly increase the purchasing power of your savings – the #1 place to invest today is in Small-Cap Silver Exploration Stocks. NIA’s brand new stock suggestion Levon Resources (TSX: LVN) has the #1 largest silver resource out of all Small-Cap Silver Exploration Stocks, with an indicated silver equivalent resource of 423.5 million ounces! LVN surpassed its key breakout point on Friday and NIA believes it will make enormous percentage gains this week.

LVN is expected to publish its updated silver resource estimate for its Cordero Silver Project in Mexico any day now – and if LVN reports a large silver resource increase like NIA expects, it could immediately explode to $1+

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