The TSX is the #1 Best Performing Stock Exchange Year-to-Date!

2014 is less than 1/3 over and so far this year the Canadian stock exchanges are the best performing major exchanges worldwide, with the TSX up 6.85% and the TSX Venture up 8.85%!

The worst performing major stock exchange is the Nikkei in Japan, which is down 11.6%. Both the Dow Jones and NASDAQ currently have small year-to-date losses of less than 1%. In China, the Shanghai is down 2.28% in 2014, while the Hong Kong Exchange is down 1.48%.

Gains on the TSX and TSX Venture Exchanges are largely being fueled by rebounding gold/silver mining stocks and soaring agricultural commodity stocks!¬†Although gold/silver mining stocks have dipped from their March highs, NIA believes most gold/silver miners will breakout past their March highs within the next 30-60 days!¬†The agricultural commodity ETF “DBA” has been rising to new 52-week highs on a daily basis!