The French Presidential Election

With 99% of the vote counted in the first round of the French Presidential ElectionEmmanuel Macron has received 23.75% of the vote vs. Marine Le Pen with 21.53%, Francois Fillon with 19.91%, and Jean-Luc Melenchon with 19.64%. Both Macron and Le Pen will advance to the final round of voting set for May 7th.

Amazingly, unlike America’s phony/fake manipulated polls, the polls in France turned out to be almost exactly accurate. An average of polls had predicted that Macron would win with 24% vs. Le Pen 22%, Fillon 20%, and Melenchon 19%.

After tonight’s results, Macron is now a 1/6 favorite to win on May 7th – giving him an 85.7% chance of victory. For comparison, on the night before the U.S. Presidential election, Hillary Clinton was a 1/5 favorite – with a 83.33% chance of victory. On the night before the Brexit referendum, remain was a 1/7 favorite – with an 87.5% chance of winning. Will we see another major upset?

Considering how unpopular Francois Hollande was with a 4% approval rating, it is shocking to us how the French people would heavily support his protege Macron – a former Rothchild banker globalist who married his high school French literature teacher. Macron had worked as Hollande’s economic advisor and was later appointed by Hollande as Minister of Economy and Finance.

With youth unemployment in France averaging a record high 25% since Macron became Hollande’s #1 go to guy on all economic matters, it’s no surprise that over 40% of the youth in France support Le Pen.

The nominal GDP of France has increased from $2.325 trillion at year-end 2006 to $2.462 trillion at year-end 2016, for total 10-year growth of 5.89%. Meanwhile, the U.S. State of California has seen its nominal GDP increase from $1.88 trillion at year-end 2006 to $2.59 trillion at year-end 2016, for total 10-year growth of 37.8%Unbelievably, California has grown 6.4X more than France and has now surpassed France to become the sixth largest economy in the world!

In 2008, France had an economy that was 47.36% larger than California, but today it is 4.92% smaller!

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