STRL is Sure Thing to Explode in Days/Weeks Ahead

NIA is 1,000% confident that Sterling Construction Company (STRL) will explode for HUGE percentage gains in the days/weeks ahead. Floods from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey have badly damaged the transportation infrastructure throughout the Houston area – and the water hasn’t finished rising yet! Investors are about to begin searching for how to profit from the upcoming Houston infrastructure reconstruction boom and will quickly discover STRL as the #1 way to capitalize!

STRL is the leading heavy civil construction company that specializes in the building and reconstruction of transportation infrastructure, water infrastructure, and residential and commercial concrete projects in Texas! STRL’s heavy civil construction projects include highways, roads, bridges, airfields, ports, light rail, water, wastewater and storm drainage systems and multi-family homes, commercial projects and parking structures. STRL’s residential concrete projects include concrete foundations for single-family homes.

Here is an example of a major roadway infrastructure project that STRL has just completed this month located in Pearland, TX a suburb of Houston that is currently flooded: click hereIn the upcoming months, there will be a record number of similar projects for STRL to bid on – and we expect the company to win many!

STRL only has 27 million shares outstanding for a market cap at $10.83 per share of $292.41 million. Revenues in 2Q 2017 were up 30% year-over-year to $246.4 million, with gross margins improving to 10.2% from 8.2% one year ago! STRL’s 2Q 2017 operating income was up 147% year-over-year to $8.4 million! STRL is expected to report record full year 2017 revenue of between $850 million and $880 million!

STRL as of the end of 2Q 2017 is sitting on a HUGE project backlog of $923 million, which is up 12.2% from year-end 2016. However, this backlog was down slightly from a level of $925 million at the end of 1Q 2017, and because investors were hoping for continued backlog growth in 2Q 2017 – STRL sold off from a six year high reached in July of $14.93 per share. We expect $14.93 to be STRL’s upcoming key breakout point. When STRL surpasses $14.93 per share, look for it to rapidly explode to $20 per share within the following 48 hours!

President Trump is traveling to Houston this morning and will be promising full Federal support to Harvey victims! Congress is guaranteed to quickly approve a massive Hurricane Harvey relief bill that will include many billions of dollars in infrastructure reconstruction funding for Texas local and state governments!

NIA predicts that STRL’s backlog will rapidly grow to north of $1 billion in the upcoming months! Look for the media to begin discovering STRL in the upcoming days and featuring the company as the likely #1 winner of the upcoming Houston infrastructure reconstruction boom!

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