STRL Already Up 48.3% Since NIA’s Suggestion!

NIA’s #1 Hurricane Harvey Stock Suggestion Sterling Construction (STRL) has just surpassed its key breakout point of $14.93 per share and hit a new 6 1/2 year high this morning of $15.20 per share for a gain of 48.29% from NIA’s August 28th suggestion at $10.25 per share – and we believe it could rapidly explode to $20+ per share in the weeks ahead!

Already, STRL is beginning to win HUGE projects to improve storm drainage systems throughout Texas – including a brand new $26.6 million contract that they just announced yesterday evening: click here to read STRL’s press release!

This is one of many similar projects that we expect STRL to successfully bid on and secure in the weeks/months to come! STRL’s second largest customer is the Texas Department of Transportation (TX-DOT) and beginning this week, STRL will be receiving TX-DOT requests for proposals for emergency repairs related to Harvey storm damage!

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