NIA's #1 Stock Suggestion for 2018 is Exploding!

NIA's #1 Stock Suggestion for 2018 QIWI just hit a new 2018 high of $19.29 per share up 38% from NIA's initial December 28th suggestion price of $13.98 per share!

QIWI is finally becoming discovered as one of the world's most advanced Blockchain/Cryptocurrency technology companies. We told you that QIWI would rise big in 2018 even if Bitcoin crashed from its overvalued price on December 28th of $16,000. Since December 28th, Bitcoin has declined by 42.78%, yet QIWI has already gained 38% and is likely going MUCH higher!

In fact, many people are beginning to dump other Cryptocurrency/Blockchain stocks to make QIWI their largest position! No other Crypto stock has momentum like QIWI - with QIWI today up for its EIGHTH STRAIGHT DAY!

QIWI's CEO Sergey Solonin has just invested a shocking $17 million into the pre-sale ICO of Telegram - the biggest and most anticipated ICO in history - with the Telegram app already having 200 million users worldwide! The ICO is expected to raise BILLIONS of dollars.

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