Shocking Gigafactory Graphite Boom Info

As you know, the flake graphite industry is currently the hottest space on Wall Street due to Tesla (TSLA)‘s soon to be built $5 billion battery Gigafactory, which will increase battery demand for flake graphite by 152%. To mitigate pollution issues and increase supply chain transparency, TSLA recently announced that it will source raw battery materials from North America only. Currently, there are only two operating flake graphite mines in North America. Both are located in Canada with combined annual flake graphite production of only 12,000 tonnes vs. the Gigafactory‘s projected annual flake graphite demand of 126,000 tonnes. North American flake graphite production will need to increase by 950% to support the Gigafactory – and North American flake graphite stocks will soon make investors extremely wealthy.
NIA has conducted in-depth research on every single flake graphite stock that trades on exchanges in either the U.S., Canada, or Australia. All together, there are a total of 20 flake graphite stocks, with 17 of them actively moving their projects towards production. Of the 17 major flake graphite plays, 10 have projects based in North America.
Of the 10 major North American flake graphite plays, 7 have projects in Canada, 2 have projects in the U.S., and only Big North Graphite (TSXV: NRT) has a flake graphite project in Mexico – the world’s most mining friendly country, where the mines of NIA’s biggest gaining gold/silver stock suggestions in history are located. NRT is 1 of only 5 North American flake graphite stocks that is considered to be a near-term producer – with 1 of the 2 U.S. flake graphite plays and 3 of the 7 Canadian flake graphite plays – also considered to be near-term flake graphite producers.

Over the last 30 days, the average of the world’s 17 major flake graphite stocks has gained 7.5% vs. the Dow Jones only gaining 1%. Amazingly, the 10 North American flake graphite stocks have gained an average of 13.5% vs. the 7 flake graphite stocks outside of North America rising an average of only 1.5%. Incredibly, the 5 North American flake graphite plays with near-term production have gained an average of 16% vs. the 5 other North American flake graphite plays rising an average of 11%.
The #1 overall best performing flake graphite stock over the last 30 days has been NRT, the only near-term flake graphite producer in Mexico – with NRT gaining 28.5%. The only near-term flake graphite producer in the U.S. has been the #2 best performing flake graphite stock over the last 30 days – with a gain of 26.5%. The three near-term flake graphite producers in Canada have gained an average of 8.5%.
With NRT announcing on Monday that they are expected to have all mining permits reactivated within six months, and have received the go-ahead to begin maintenance/repair work on the El Tejon mill, which will take six months to refurbish – NIA is confident that NRT will be the largest flake graphite gainer over the next six months. NRT‘s current market cap at its Tuesday’s closing price of $0.065 per share is only $5 million. The other four near-term North American flake graphite producers have an average market cap of $48.35 million, nearly 10X higher than NRT‘s market cap.
An explosion to $0.10+ per share is coming for NRT any day now, in NIA’s opinion.

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